Hearing Tests at Home in Harrow

Your hearing, like your sight is dear to you. It’s is certainly something that would be missed. How do I know if I’m losing my hearing? Since hearing loss occurs gradually it can be difficult to know you are loosing your hearing. However, the following signs can give you an […]

Home Visiting Opticians Wembley Park

Home Visiting Opticians Wembley Park. Home to the iconic Wembley stadium this area of Brent is located in the HA9 postcode. Many people can have difficulties leaving their homes due to health reasons. These can be due to mobility issues, mental health issues or a combination of the two. Do […]

Best Lighting for Macular Degeneration

Best lighting for macular degeneration. Macular Degeneration is an eye disease that affects the central vision. It is associated with the aging eye and has also been given the name age-related macular degeneration. Since our central vision is used to concentrate on detailed activities like reading at all distances, macular […]

Home Visiting Opticians Hayes

Home Visiting Opticians Hayes. Located in the borough of Hillingdon, Hayes has a number of Opticians located within. For those who find it difficult to attend a local Opticians in Hayes, the NHS provides funding to allow you a visit from an Optometrist that is contracted by the NHS to […]

Home Visiting Opticians Greenford

Home Visiting Opticians Greenford. Located in the borough pf Ealing, this ancient parish in Greater West London is well linked by both London underground and Great Western Railway stations. Greenford residents are fortunate in that they have a large health hub in the form of Ealing hospital within easy commuting […]

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Home Visiting Opticians Northolt

Home Visiting Opticians Northolt. Located in the London borough of Ealing, the historic town of Northolt spans North and South of the A40 in West London. With good connections to central London on the central line from Northolt tube station, it has a good network of health services. Mandeville Medical […]