Hearing Tests at Home in Harrow

Your hearing, like your sight is dear to you. It’s is certainly something that would be missed.

How do I know if I’m losing my hearing?

Since hearing loss occurs gradually it can be difficult to know you are loosing your hearing. However, the following signs can give you an idea that something is not quite right with your hearing.

  • Difficulty hearing other people and understanding what they say. If you are finding yourself too shy to ask people to repeat what they said or maybe you’re always asking people to repeat what they said. In the absence of difficult accents their may be a problem with your hearing.
  • Difficulty hearing people in noisy places. In public places with background noises that feel like they are mixed in with the person you are trying to listen to.
  • Listening to the radio or watching TV with the volume higher than other people would need. Are you finding family members asking you to put the volume down. You cannot tell you are using a higher than normal volume unless someone else tells you.

Do I need to get my hearing checked?

People living on their own or with family members who may also have hearing loss may not notice the onset and progression of hearing loss.

How do I get my hearing tested

When choosing hearing aids the advice of an Audiologist is important. As a minimum your hearing test results determine the type and as a result the cost of your hearing aids.

Can a hearing test be done at home

Audiologists are not only found in clinics, they also do home hearing tests. Amplifon is a global company and provide Audiologist who can visit you at home for a hearing check. The hearing test costs only £30 but there is no obligation to purchase following the test. If you do want to know if the hearing aid will be useful for you, they will provide the hearing aids on a trial basis free of charge. This is especially useful as purchasing a hearing aid is an investment.

How much do hearing aids cost

There are many types of hearing aids on the market. Their price can vary significantly but their performance also varies with price.

Further options that can be very useful with hearing aids can be among the following:

  • Programmable
  • Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable
  • Hidden

Call us on 0800 047 0425 and we can arrange an Audiologist to visit you in your home. Hearing tests at home cost just £30 and can take up to an hour.