Home Visiting Opticians Greenford

Home Visiting Opticians Greenford. Located in the borough pf Ealing, this ancient parish in Greater West London is well linked by both London underground and Great Western Railway stations.

Greenford residents are fortunate in that they have a large health hub in the form of Ealing hospital within easy commuting distance by public transport. Greenford road is the main arterial road of Greenford and has a number of Opticians located on the high street. Both independent Opticians and some high street chains are available.

Home visiting opticians greenfordFor those who are house bound or disabled, the services above are a challenge to make use of. Did you know though, that the NHS gives you a little help if certain criteria are met. Crucially, if you are unable to get to your local opticians unaccompanied and you are an NHS patient, you qualify for a FREE eye test in the comfort of your own home.

The equipment required to conduct as thorough test as possible is miniaturised version of the eye examination equipment found in an optical practice. We check your vision, your eye pressure and the health of the back of your eyes. More often than not, as we age the pupils become smaller. We therefore give you a dilated examination of the back of your eyes as this is more thorough. You can be confident that you have been provided by an eye test that is as close as possible as having one in an optical practice.

Home Visiting Opticians Greenford

Eyes On Call are contracted by the NHS to provide home visiting Opticians in Greenford. If it has been a while since you have had an eye test you can contact us on our freephone number 08000470425 to arrange a visit. You can also fill in our “request a home visit” online form and we will then call you to arrange an appointment.