Home Visiting Opticians Wembley Park

Home Visiting Opticians Wembley Park. Home to the iconic Wembley stadium this area of Brent is located in the HA9 postcode.

Many people can have difficulties leaving their homes due to health reasons. These can be due to mobility issues, mental health issues or a combination of the two.

Do Opticians Do Home Visits?

Eyes On Call Mobile Opticians connects those who require an eye test at home with trusted Opticians that will give you an eye test at home. They even provide you with glasses if you need them.

With an aging population more and more people are becoming more dependent on others to help with daily activities.

GP services also provide home visits. There are a good number of GP practices such as Wembley Park Medical Centre on Wembley Park Drive which is rated 3.5/5 on the NHS website. Others in the area include the Chalkhill Family Practice at 13 Chalkhill Road and Forty Willows Surgery on Forty Lane.

Services available locally can vary in their quality. From the perspective of length of wait to delivery.

The same applies to Opticians, some of who may provide home visits in selected areas while others do not.

What is a Domiciliary Optometrist?

A domiciliary Optometrist is an eye care professional who works in the community providing eye care services outside optical practices or hospital. This could be at an outreach location like a day centre or direct to patients in their own homes. This may be private accommodation or residential and nursing homes.

Letting a stranger in your home at a time when you feel vulnerable can always be a concern. This is why Eyes On Call Mobile Opticians vets it’s partners to make sure they are registered with the necessary regulatory bodies like the General Optical Council and the NHS as well as being insured to provide visits to your home.

Providing home visits as Opticians requires a separate domiciliary eye care contract from the NHS that most Opticians do not gave.

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